Legoland Florida opened to the public on October 15, 2011 on the grounds of the former Cypress Gardens. There are 5 machines; all are hand-crank machines with 4 dies each. All 5 machines are outdoors. They each take the standard 2 quarters and one penny. Cashiers in the stores and restaurants are not permitted to give change without a purchase, so plan accordingly and bring your own coins. Guest Relations was helpful in changing a few dollars worth of quarters.

The machines are numbered according to their proximity to the front entrance. Legoland is divided into many lands. All the stores are marked on the Legoland guide map, so you should be able to find these buildings with ease. All designs are horizontal.

Legoland does not sell books to keep the pennies.



Photos from October 28, 2011



Machine 1 is outside The Big Shop in the area near the gate called “The Beginning.” The designs are character Blake, Legoland logo, Legoland entrance, and character Sunny.





Machine 2 is located outside the Minifigure Market in Fun Town. The designs are Cypress Gardens, 4 Lego figure heads, carousel horse, and Duplo. Be careful at this machine – it is positioned over a drainage grate, and if the penny shoots out the bin there is a chance it will disappear into the grate.







Machine 3 is outside the rest rooms in the Fun Town Pizza building in Fun Town, and the machine faces Miniland and has four Miniland coins: The White House, Golden Gate Bridge, Las Vegas sign, and the rocket garden at Kennedy Space Center.







Machine 4 is located in Lego Kingdoms, in front of The King’s Market. Its designs are a fire-breathing dragon, the Royal Joust ride (depicting a knight’s horse), Lost Kingdom Adventure logo, and a Jester.







Machine 5 is found in front of the Ford Driving School in Lego City. The four designs are Ford Driving School car, Jet Ski, Test Track, and Skipper School.






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