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Series 1 pennies and all medallions are available for sale here









March & April 2022 updates:  New 2nd series anniversary pennies (the name “2nd series has been provided by collectors; Disney does not call them this, so don’t ask cast members about a second series)


1.  Wilderness Lodge Bus Stop

2.  Grand Floridian Bus Stop

3.  Fulton's General Store at Port Orleans Riverside

4.  Pop Century Resort and

5.  Disney Springs Pin Traders – this location had a single coin (Presscoins #WDW22017).  The die cracked (it was numbered as WDW22017-b). A replacement die was installed in February 2023 (#WDW23001)


6.  Boardwalk Resort (Minnie)

7.  Animal Kingdom – Discovery Traders (Chip & Dale)

8.  Magic Kingdom – Tony’s Town Square (Tinker Bell)

9.  Magic Kingdom #2 – Main Street firehouse (“Partners” – Walt & Mickey)


Designs have been shown on the Presscoins website.



All 2021 dated pennies were replaced during this process.



Some locations of penny machines are being changed – check the update with each entry.  Make sure you download or print the latest version of this list for guidance.

Some medallion machines are being switched already with some or all original designs being replaced by new designs on a temporary basis as existing stock runs out.  I suspect this may be a year-long practice, so don’t skip a machine at a particular location just because you bought from that machine in the past.





All these coin locations are confirmed.  Catalog numbers refer to the Presscoins numbering system.  Note that they are not contiguous numbers because non-anniversary coins were also assigned numbers during this time.  Machine numbers (such as Emporium #1) may differ from what Presscoins.com uses.  New coins in 2022 are shown highlighted.



Magic Kingdom:

Magic Kingdom RR Station (4) – Jaq (mouse from Cinderella) [Presscoins #WDW21088], Mickey [WDW21089], Minnie [WDW20190], Olaf [WDW21091]

Hall of Champions (part of Emporium) (4 of 8 designs) – Pluto [WDW21093], Thumper [WDW21094], Pinocchio [WDW21095], Frozone [WDW21096]

News Stand (1) – Mad Hatter [WDW21092]

Splash Mountain (1) – Timothy Mouse [WDW21105]

Emporium #1 (4 of 8 designs) – Piglet [WDW21097], Dumbo [WDW21098], Lady [WDW21099], Woody [WDW21100]

Emporium #2 (4 of 8 designs) – Winnie the Pooh [WDW21101], Tinker Bell [WDW21102], Tramp [WDW21103], Bo Peep [WDW21104]

Firehouse (1) – new “The Most Magical Celebration” design

Tony’s Town Square restaurant (1) – new “The Most Magical Celebration” design




Port of Entry (1) – Genie [WDW21078]

Disney Traders (1) – Jiminy Cricket [WDW21077]

Living Seas (4) – Flounder [WDW21073], Nemo [WDW21074], Nemo & Dory (could be Marlin) [WDW21075], Sebastian [WDW21076]

International Gateway World of Travel store (1) – Figment [WDW21079]

Puffin’s Roost in Norway (1) – Bruni (salamander from Tangled) [WDW21080]


Hollywood Studios:

Oscar’s Super Service (1) – Lumiere [WDW21068]

Hollywood Junction (4) – R2D2 [WDW21069], Joe Gardner [WDW21070], Cogsworth [WDW21071], BB-8 [WDW21072]


Animal Kingdom:

Front of park – stroller rental area (moved from Dawa Bar) (1) – Pumbaa [WDW21084]

Behind Wilderness Explorer booth near Kilimanjaro Safari entrance (formerly Curiosity Tourism kiosk) (1) – Timon [WDW21085]

Chester & Hester’s (1) – Pua (Moana’s pig) [WDW21083]

Discovery Trading Company (3) – young Simba [WDW21082]; Dante the dog [WDW21081]; Chip & Dale “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” [WDW # not assigned yet]

Notes: Dante the dog was originally found at Island Mercantile but was moved on 10/11/2021


Disney Springs:

Pin Traders (3, 1 each in 3 machines) – Cheshire Cat [WDW21086], Miguel from Coco [WDW21087]; Mickey and Castle, “World’s Most Magical Celebration” [WDW # not assigned yet]




Boardwalk lobby (2) – Goofy [WDW21106]; Minnie Mouse and Castle “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” [WDW # not assigned yet]

Contemporary Resort (4 of 8 designs) – Mickey & Minnie with Contemporary Resort [WDW21116], Gus (mouse from Cinderella) [WDW21117], Bambi [WDW21118], Donald Duck [WDW21119]

Grand Floridian bus stop – Mickey, Minnie and Castle, without “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” [WDW # not assigned yet]

Pop Century (2) – Daisy Duck [WDW21107]; Pluto and Castle, “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” [WDW # not assigned yet]


Polynesian Village Resort (4 of 8 designs) – Polynesian Village Resort [WDW21127], Stitch [WDW21128], Orange Bird [WDW21129], Hei Hei [WDW21130]

Fort Wilderness Meadow Trading Post (3) – Fort Wilderness logo [WDW21124], Chip [WDW21125], Dale [WDW21126]

Wilderness Lodge bus stop – Mickey and Castle, “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” [WDW # not assigned yet]

Port Orleans Resort (3) – Abu [WDW21135]; Edna Mode [WDW21136]; Donald in front of castle & 50 logo “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” [WDW # not assigned yet]

Notes: according to a report in February, the first two machines have been moved from the Riverside lobby to the arcade.  The third coin is outside Jackson Square Gifts in the French Quarter. 



There are no quarter machines with 50th anniversary designs (quarter machines are being discontinued at Disney World)







53 57 public medallions are available from 15 machines.  All are brass color and have Mickey’s face on the reverse.  The medallion machines at Rainforest Café and three of the pre-existing Pirates of the Caribbean designs are still in their respective locations with older designs unchanged (there is one new design at Pirates – Dante 50th anniversary).


Several machines were in place around the October 1 celebration date.  Others appeared later.  All machines have been confirmed in these locations as of November 24, 2021.


August 5, 2022 update: Four new designs have been added at the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom.  The set of medallions from the Emporium has been sent to the arcade at Port Orleans Riverside Resort. 


We are only counting the publicly-available medallions.  We are not counting the glass medallions (3, about $25 each) or the exclusive cast member medallion (1, free to cast members attending a celebration event) as parts of these sets.


Magic Kingdom:

Emporium: new set in August 2022: Friends (Walt & Mickey); Mickey & Minnie & castle; Tinker Bell & castle; Donald & castle

Emporium (Hall of Champions) (4) – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Lady, Tinker Bell  moved to Port Orleans

Notes: during the first three weeks of October, as machines ran out of medallions Olaf, Jaq, and Gus served as temporary replacements in this machine. 

·              On October 11 it was reported that two designs from the intended World of Disney medallion machine – Gus and Olaf – were installed at the Emporium machine. On October 12 it was reported that Jaq has also appeared in this machine, and that Mickey Mouse was the only remaining design from the original selections.  

·              By October 17 (maybe night of Oct. 16?), the Emporium machine had been restored to its original lineup of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Lady, and Tinker Bell.  Later on Oct. 17 (morning), photos showed Mickey, Olaf, Lady and Gus, with some of the selections apparently in low supply. 

·              Around October 23 all machines were dispensing their original lineups.

Pirates gift shop (1) – Dante the Dog

Notes: although the medallion machine in the gift shop has 4 designs, Dante the dog (from Coco) is the only anniversary coin in the machine.  It was originally reported on a list given to cast members that this coin would be at Port Orleans (which does not have any medallion machine at all), but that plan was switched.  The Dante coin was reported as placed at Pirates on October 29.



Port of Entry (4) – Figment, Genie, Miguel from Coco, Jiminy Cricket

Disney Traders (4) - Nemo, Dory, Flounder, Sebastian

Notes: Installed on November 8.  These 4 medallions appeared at the Polynesian Village Report in early October as temporary replacements when that machine ran out of its assigned medallions.  This temporary condition ended by October 13.


Hollywood Studios:

Tower of Terror gift shop (4) - Cogsworth, Bruni, Goofy, BB-8

Notes: this machine was in place as of October 31.

5 & 10 (4) – R2D2, Hei Hei, Woody, Lumiere

Notes: this machine was in place as of October 13.


Animal Kingdom:

Ziwani Traders (4) – young Simba, Bambi, Pumbaa, Timon


Disney Springs:

Pin Traders (4) – Donald Duck. Daisy Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet

Notes: An unconfirmed report on Oct 19 stated that the Winnie the Pooh design was replaced (which we believe will be temporary like the other replacements). The picture showed Timothy Mouse but Jaq was dispensed.

World of Disney (4) - Cheshire Cat, Olaf, Jaq, Gus

Notes:  This was the final machine; it was installed on November 24.  Olaf, Jaq and Gus had appeared in October as temporary replacements at the Emporium (Magic Kingdom), so some lucky collectors were able to add these to their collections before their official debut in late November.



Contemporary Resort (4) – Pinocchio, Bo Peep, Tramp, Mickey & Minnie with Contemporary Resort

Polynesian Village Resort (4) – Polynesian Village Resort, Orange Bird, Stitch, Pua


·                 On Oct. 9 it was reported that the Polynesian machine had been switched, and Nemo, Dory, Flounder, and Sebastian were now in that machine.  Those medallions had been slated to appear at the (future) Epcot Disney Traders machine.  The whereabouts of the original 4 designs (Polynesian Village Resort, Orange Bird, Stitch, Pua) is unknown.

·                 On Oct. 13 the original lineup at Polynesian had returned: Polynesian Village Resort, Orange Bird, Stitch, Pua

·                 On the night of Oct. 18, the machine was switched once again to Nemo, Dory, Flounder, and Sebastian

·                 Oct 21: photographic reports confirm the machine again has the original lineup of Polynesian Village Resort, Orange Bird, Stitch, and Pua

All Star Movies (4) – Mad Hatter, Frozone, Edna Mode, Joe Gardner  

All Star Music (4) –Dumbo, Timothy Mouse, Abu, Pluto

Notes: the vendor list indicates that Goofy in this machine, but it is Pluto. Goofy appears at the Tower of Terror.

All-Star Sports: an overflow machine with designs from other machines was installed here. All these designs duplicate medallions available elsewhere. In February 2023 this machine was reported to be placed at the Character Warehouse outlet store at the Vineland Premium Outlets, across I-4 from Disney World.  Designs: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald.

Ft. Wilderness Meadow Trading Post (4) - Fort Wilderness logo; Chip; Dale; Thumper

Notes: this machine was installed on October 26

Port Orleans – 4 moved from Emporium in August 2022 – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Lady, Tinker Bell

Notes: initial reports that Dante the dog would be found here proved untrue.  The Dante medallion is in the Pirates machine at the Magic Kingdom



New 9/23/2021

Updated 2/25/2023